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I will give you some information and hope that it helps you

A doctor told me that E.D. happens frequently to divorced men, right after the divorce or separtion. (that is when my problem started, right after my first divorce) Some men who have E.D. have low testosterone, and patches, injections, pills, all of which boost testosterone, or are testosterone do not help. (such is my case) Most of the men I know of who have E.D. also have depression (I do) Sometimes anti-depression medicene helps, but usually the medicene (viagra 100 mg) has the side effect of poor sexual performance, or inhibits you from acheiving an orgasm (this happend with me)

For a brief period of time there was something going really well in my life, and I could achieve an Erection during this time. At this time is my thought only either a Phycologist, or an implant will cure my E.D. The implant is a one way street, and once you cure this with an implant, medicene will NEVER help you with out the implant. At this time I have an appointment with an Endoctrinologist in Febuary, she may be able to help. She is supposed to be very good.

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Have you been reading the posts?

Most of your questions are very well answered throuhg them, and much interesting and rich info and feedback is provided as long as we read here.

Sure, there’s hope for you, it’s a matter of analizyng your case in detail.
A good doctor ( uro, psycologist) could help as well as experiencies posted here, along with less anxiety from you; please relax and let’s find your solution together.

I don’t think one message could answer all you ask, but if you keep reading….you’ll get what I mentioned above.

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Are there any real people out there?!

i want neither i just wanna talk to someone about things. I have read some of the other post here and it seems kinda pointless but im gonna tell my story anyway. I just hope someone else has had my problem and over came it because im feeling very depressed about what is going on in my life. Im 27..fairly young i think, and i havent gotten a long lasting erection in 3 years. I can manually stimulate myself to a erection but it only lasts a few min. if i use viagra it might last 5 to 8 mins. my doc said it was in my head but i think they just dont wanna deal with it and they just dont know. I dont have insurance and viagra and docter visits are expensive and seemingly pointless considering they keep telling me the same thing. im about to give up, i feel like i will never have a lasting relationship like this…sometimes i wanna die. is there any hope? im fucking 27 years old!in tip top physical shape! this shouldnt be happening to me! i cant live like this!

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Have been on the gel 10g. A day since may of last year. I was not checked for testosterone level as they have no way of knowing what it should be. If they had that number from when you were 35 it would. But the dr. knew me and viagra (sildenafil citrate 100mg) did not work that great, but after the gel worked fine. I shared a friends javerject injection in my penis worked great. But that are for guys that can not use the other stuff.i now use penis pump only. Im avery active 72 year old.


Thank you!

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Sounds as though you may have a severe case of performance anxiety

Unless you can find a partner thats loves porn as much as you do and is willing to admit to themselves that they cannot get you excited enough for sex, but pornography can, then you should look into an implant.

In my case my wife lothes pornography, so using an external media such as that as a substitute to foreplay was out of the question.

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I have found in the past couple years that the only way I can over come is with using methods. One is oral foreplay and at a certain I become able to insert into my partner.
The second method is using cyberchat and maybe a cam and then I am erect and can enjoy encertion or even masturbation. I am wondering if others have the same methods or even better without pills.

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I like your wife’s analogy

I think my wife would like her. SHe hits on the head, no pun intended, lol. I agree with this fully, and for that reason have scheduled an implant April 8th. Tired of the hastle, and wife is too. She is very supportive, and very horny too, lol.

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Cost is low for trimix

$100 for a whole year which is a dollar per erection. Franck’s Pharmacy in Ocala, FL. Infection and scarring are not a problem as you have stated. It rarely happens.

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Hi I’ve used Cavaject which I guess is the same sort of thing

Once you get the right dose it works brilliantly. 3 hours hard last time with 10mg which was almost too long but so much better than the usual softish offering. I find injecting yourself kind of erotic which also helps. Hope this helps.

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